Introduction - Emergency Care Division

The Emergency Care Division having 25 beds (out of which 10 are sub-intensive beds) and 12 toxicology beds provides care for acute patients from Hajdú-Bihar County who require emergency care (except traumatology, obstetrics and pediatrics cases). Patients are received at the emergency counter and triage is performed, as patients are dealt with not on a first come first served basis, but based on the severity of their condition. After the examination of the patients (physical examination, laboratory or radiological tests, if necessary, endoscopic diagnostics and specialist consultations) and the stabilization of their condition, a decision is made about discharge or the transfer of the patient to an inpatient department. Patients in severe, critical conditions are treated in the emergency supervision rooms having sub-intensive equipment with 10 beds. The toxicology patients of Hajdú-Bihar County and the drunk patients of Debrecen also receive care at our division. Our division performs the triage of acute traumatology patients, but their care takes place at the Traumatology specialty clinic.

Last update: 2022. 03. 02. 13:36