Introduction - Ophthalmology Division

The outpatient specialist consultations of the Ophthalmology Division are located on the second floor of the Bethlen street polyclinic and on the sixth floor of the Hotel building of the Kenézy Hospital. The Ophthalmology Division of the hospital is located on the sixth floor. Care is provided for patients by 19 ophthalmologists and 30 nurses on 20 beds. At the division we provide surgical and drug therapy for various pediatric ophthalmology conditions, adult diseases affecting the front segment (cataract, glaucoma or cornea alterations) as well as the various retina diseases. In addition to these areas, we perform many tear duct and eyelid surgeries. Care is provided for patients under state-of-the-art technical circumstances. Within the framework of same-day surgery, lot of cataract and eyelid surgeries are performed. The comfort of inpatients is facilitated by flexible visitation hours, television and coffee machine. In the waiting room an optician store is available for patients to buy their glasses.

Last update: 2021. 09. 29. 11:14