Central Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Division - Inpatient Care

The goal of intensive care is to monitor all vital functions of patients continuously, intervene immediately at the first sign of change in a patient’s condition, and take care of patients at a very high standard. Vital body functions are supported or replaced by machines or medication. Admission to intensive care is necessary when one or more organs of a patient do not function properly or are expected to lose their function soon.

We treat numerous conditions: acute cardiological conditions (cardiovascular diseases, irregular heartbeat, heart failure), respiratory failures, unconscious states (due to loss of blood circulation in the brain or inflammation), toxicosis, severe infections and sepsis, post-operative conditions, skull injuries and/or multiple injuries, metabolic disorders, crises in the endocrine system, treatment after resuscitations.

Head of department chief physician: Dr. Zoltán Szentkereszty

Head nurse of department: Judit Jakab

Last update: 2022. 02. 28. 11:07