Information for patients - Orthopedics Clinic

Our Clinic provides both outpatient and inpatient care. orthopedic services are provided by appointment and require a referral; urgent cases, however, will be attended to without an appointment. A referral can be obtained from the GP or other specialists. An appointment can only be made if the patient has a referral for orthopedic specialty care, except when the clinic schedules the patient, for example, for medical check-up.

Patient data needed for making an appointment:

  • Name
  • Health insurance number (‘TAJ’)
  • Date of birth
  • What the medical problem is
  • Name of the attending physician (optional)
  • Making an appointment over the phone
  • Call +36 52 255-912

Making an appointment via e-mail

  • It is also possible to make an appointment via email by providing the required information listed above.  The appointment is confirmed by a confirmation email.
  • Email address for appointments:


  • Ambulatory examinations
    • In line with modern professional standards and social expectations, most possible procedures are performed within the framework of ambulatory care, without hospital admission.
    • If necessary, any additional tests can be performed at the Clinical Center.

Conservative treatment

  • We offer a wide range of conservative treatments for our patients. Therapeutic gymnastics and other physical therapy treatments may be accessed by both outpatients and inpatients. We design personalized courses of treatment for our patients, who will complete the therapies under medical supervision.
  • Within the framework of our complex program for large joint rehabilitation, we offer our patients awaiting prosthetic joint surgery the opportunity to participate in a three-day preparatory treatment, during which we provide them with all the necessary medical aids, train them for their use, and teach them the physical exercises to be done before and after the operation. Surgery is followed by a rehabilitation program aimed at teaching how to live with a prosthesis and restoring proper and harmonic gait patterns.

Surgical treatment

  • Our clinic prefers the modern operative approach in orthopedic care. We implant a large number of hip and knee joint prostheses. The implants we use are excellent-quality products supplied by internationally recognized manufacturers.
  • Beside the traditional procedures, we have also introduced several modern techniques, including minimally-invasive surgery and computer-controlled surgical navigation system. We also perform numerous arthroscopic and other bone and soft-tissue operations.

Infrastructural facilities

  • Outpatient department
  • Our outpatients are attended to in 6 consulting rooms at our renovated clinic.  The introduction of the appointment system helped us significantly reduce waiting time.
  • Operating rooms unit
  • The 3 operating rooms of the Orthopedics Clinic are all suitable for the surgical treatment of any musculoskeletal problems.
  • Wards
  • We do our best to provide a relaxed atmosphere to support our patients’ healing and recovery.
  • Gym

Our gym represents a basic pillar of conservative treatment, which comprises electrotherapy and physical therapy treatment. Our physiotherapists are highly-qualified and experienced professionals who provide both individual and group therapies.

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