Introduction - Central Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Division

The division consists of three units:

1. Central Intensive Care Unit

The unit has one 14-bed, 2 5-bed rooms and a 4-bed isolation ward. In 2015 the unit underwent complete reconstruction and since then it has been functioning under the most up-to-date circumstances. The number of patients receiving care is around 600.

The goal of intensive care is to monitor all vital functions of patients continuously, intervene immediately at the first sign of change in a patient’s condition, and take care of patients at a very high standard. Vital body functions are supported or replaced by machines or medication. Admission to intensive care is necessary when one or more organs of a patient do not function properly or are expected to lose their function soon.

We treat numerous conditions: acute cardiological conditions (cardiovascular diseases, irregular heartbeat, heart failure), respiratory failures, unconscious states (due to loss of blood circulation in the brain or inflammation), toxicosis, severe infections and sepsis, post-operative conditions, skull injuries and/or multiple injuries, metabolic disorders, crises in the endocrine system, treatment after resuscitations.

We also contribute to emergency care, in providing care for patients with severe injuries and facilitate the treatment of patients in severe conditions arriving from other departments. We provide continuous medical care in the intensive/monitoring sections of the traumatology and surgery divisions. Four physicians from our division who are also board certified cardiologists take part in the cardiological care of the hospital, too.  

2. Anesthesiology

This specialized field performs the assessment of patients’ suitability for surgery (outpatient anesthesiology), in some cases their preparation for surgery and anesthesia. Anesthesia is provided in 19 operating theatres in our hospital and for other diagnostic and therapeutic interventions (endoscopy, CT lab, psychiatry) for a total of 15,000 patients. We also provide after-surgery pain relief or manage after-surgery conditions.

3. Central Surgery Division

The reconstruction and extension of our Central Operating Room ended in December 2007, thus it can now offer state of the art conditions for surgeries. This is where general surgery, traumatology and urology interventions take place. It comprises 10 operating theatres and one room for septic patients complete with a room where patients with severe injuries are treated in a separate place (shock room and operating theatre). The Central Surgery Division enables the performance of approximately 10,000 surgeries per year.

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