Introduction - Traumatology and Hand Surgery Division

The division is operated within an organizational and functional unit with the Department of Traumatology and Hand Surgery of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Debrecen. The division provides continuous on-duty admission for the 550 thousand inhabitants of Hajdú-Bihar County, Debrecen, and the Northern Great Plain region, however, in the case of certain special injuries and interventions, it admits patients outside from this region or even from abroad. Traumatology Division and the outpatient specialist consultation provide care for more than one hundred thousand patients a year. Out of these patients, 5-6 thousand go through surgeries and the number of outpatient surgeries exceeds 10 thousand. The range of surgeries covers the entire range of emergency surgical care with the involvement of consultants. After surgery, experienced physiotherapists provide complex physiotherapy for the patients. Additionally, we also provide planned orthopedic and neurosurgical interventions, such as hip, knee and shoulder joint prosthetics, arthroscopy (knee, shoulder), cruciate ligament reconstruction, habitual shoulder dislocation, care for rotator cuff injuries, elbow joint and other correction surgeries and the operative treatment of the traumatic and degenerative dismorphism of the spinal column. The division performs a wide range of hand surgeries and microsurgeries as well.

Inpatient care takes place on 103 active beds in 4 general traumatology sections, in a rotatory system. After on-duty admission, to comply with the European working hours standard, a day of rest follows. Afterwards, on the third day of the cycle, the division receives patients for a check-up examination and completes the predictable surgeries on the fourth day. The pediatric traumatology is located in Section A on the 2nd floor, section “B” houses hand surgery, while section “C” with neurosurgery is on the 3rd floor and in section “D” there are the sub-intensive supervision rooms.

At the traumatology station operating in the area of the Emergency Care Division, the acute care of injuries is separated. The check-up of the patients is performed in physically separated outpatient clinics and after-care treatment rooms. Additionally, the employees of the division also work in the orthopedics specialist consultation on the Bethlen street site of the fospital.


  • Secretariat: contact for the head of division, educational affairs
  • Phone: +36 52 511 781 E-mail: Fax: +36 52 419 499
  • Division office: administrative issues Phone: +36 52 511 777 / 1147
  • Outpatient registry for patients called back: information about outpatients, modification of the date or time of check-up examination, contact details of the physicians of the outpatient specialist consultations
  • Phone: +36 52 511 776
  • Triage counter: registration of injured patients for primary care Phone: +36 52 511 779
  • Nurse counter: information about inpatients, contact information for physicians of the division
    • Section A: +36 52 511 777 / ext. 1132
    • Section B: +36 52 511 777 / ext. 1128
    • Section C: +36 52 511 777 / ext. 1149
    • Section D: +36 52 511 777 / ext. 1153
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