Pathology Division - Other information concerning outpatient care

Diagnostic/aspiration cytology

  • Patients do not need an appointment but do need a referral.
  • 4043 Debrecen, Bartók Béla út 2-26.
  • Phone: +36 52 511 814, +36 52 511 777 / 8684

The goal of the examination is to scrutinize, by hand or based on imaging technology, the biological behavior of the mutation and what kind of treatment is needed.

During the exam we use a thin needle to collect cells from the mutation for diagnostic purposes, the process is similar to a blood test. The test does not require an empty stomach, and medication taken regularly can be administered on the day of the exam as well.

The results arrive on the same day of collecting the sample (unless further tests are needed).

Last update: 2022. 02. 18. 12:39