Introduction - General Surgery Division

Welcome to the website of the Surgery Division at the Kenézy Gyula Teaching Hospital and Clinic. Let us briefly present the organizational and operational structure of our Division.

The General Surgery Division – with its 52 beds – is located on the 4th floor of the main building, in the grey sector. In both the male and female sections, patients are hospitalized in wards with 4-6 beds. Besides, there are two semi-private wards with 2 beds per ward in both sections, where separate sanitary units, central oxygen system and suction systems are also available. Therefore, at the specific request of the patient, it is possible for patients to be admitted to one of these wards, or be separated, if necessary. Potentially infectious patients are isolated in other, separated wards.

We would like to highlight that at both sections there is also a monitored and air-conditioned postoperative ward available with 8 beds with state-of-the-art equipment, where – due to the good relationship we maintain with the related specialties – specialists can provide continuous intensive care.

Currently, our division can provide the medical background necessary for the vascular surgery related care for more than 440,000 residents; vascular surgery services are provided on 10 vascular surgery beds designated for this purpose.

In line with the requirements of the 21st century, in 2007 we were among the first in Hungary to open our same-day surgery unit on the first floor of the Hospital, where same-day surgical interventions are carried out in a separate unit with 6 beds.

Since 1987, surgery, trauma surgery and urological operations have been performed in the Central Operating Room, which was modernized in 2007 to meet the requirements of our age and is also undergoing constant modernization. In the Central Operating Room there are 2 surgical tables, and within the framework of same-day surgery there is 1 extra surgical table available for the treatment of our patients.

Furthermore, we have 1 examination room and 2 suture rooms for postoperative dressing changes and undisturbed inpatient examination.

Outpatients are attended to on two sites of the division (the outpatient departments in Béla Bartók Street as well as Bethlen Street) in 6 specialist offices altogether which provide specialty care in special areas including proctology, endocrine surgery, mammary, or vascular surgery. Also, we perform minor ambulatory care interventions (removal of birthmarks, fat or sebaceous glands, cutaneous or subcutaneous abnormalities) by appointment in our specialist office for advanced wound care specifically dedicated for this purpose.

Besides their daily work, our medical and nursing staff continually participate in accredited further training courses and deliver lectures in classes and at conferences, and provide active support for medical training in close cooperation with the University. Thanks to the theoretical and practical training courses our staff has completed, since 1993 we have performed a large number of different laparoscopic interventions, which is outstanding in Hungary; also, since 1997 we have been performing minimally invasive live surgery as well. As a result, our division has become a laparoscopy center in the last two decades, and we have the most up-to-date preoperative diagnostic modalities, tissue dissecting and unifying instruments, as well as a full HD laparoscopy tower at our disposal. 

Last update: 2022. 03. 02. 11:20