Introduction - Infectology Clinic

Care provided for infectious diseases has a centuries-long history in Debrecen. At the end of the 19th century an ‘infection hospital’ was operated at today’s hospital site. In 1957 care for infectious diseases was provided for pediatric as well as adult patients at the Bem Square building under the direction of Dr. Ferenc Münich. In 1987 Dr. Lajos Dalmi was appointed as the head of the division. During his directorship, in 2000 the division was moved to the Bartók Street site, to an infectology building with 50 beds, representing the most modern unit in the country at that time. From 2006 care for infectious diseases was provided by the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Infectology and Allergology directed by Dr. István Várkonyi. Within care provided for infectious diseases various specializations are also available at the Institute. These include the county-level and regional hepatology center for patients with infectious liver diseases and vaccination counselling provided on the county level. In 2014 a national HIV sub-center was also established.

In terms of the number of healthcare professionals working at the institute, ours is the second largest such unit providing care for infectious diseases in the country (after Szent László Hospital, South Pest Central Hospital) at level III of progressivity for the residents of Debrecen and those of the county and the surrounding counties.

Currently 118 physicians and healthcare professionals work in this organizational unit. In 2014 the Pediatrics Division, Pediatric Outpatient Care, the Allergology Section of the City Pulmonary Care Facility and Dermatological and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Care were merged into the Institute. As of 1st November 2015 our Institute took over the tasks of the Infectology and Pediatric Immunology Clinic at the University of Debrecen in the areas of education, research and healing-preventive care (based on a cooperation agreement).

  • Organizational units of the institute
    • Clinical Pharmacology
    • Adult Infectology
    • Pediatric Infectology
    • Infection Control Service
    • Central Sterilization Unit
    • Pediatric outpatient clinic
    • ClinTrial Audit Ltd. operates in the building of the institute under a lease agreement.

No. of beds: 52

  • active: 40
  • clinical pharmacology: 12

We have single and double rooms equipped with locks, sanitary facilities, and medical gas  access.

  • Head physician of the Institute
    • Dr. István Várkonyi, Ph.D.
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