Introduction - Oncoradiology Clinic

As part of the complex tumor therapy, the indications and applications of radiotherapy may be used in preparation for the surgical treatment in order to provide the surgical area, but it can be used as a stand alone treatment or to improve the quality of life. We use all the technical tools and theoretical knowledge to improve the recovery of our patient and their quality of life. As a result of this, we have linear particle accelerators with outstanding technical equipment which help us to treat tumors with high precision and protect the surrounding infact organs, so the side effects of the treatment are minimized. During stereotaxic treatments, it is possible to deliver high doses, which can even replace a surgical procedure. In case of brachytherapy treatments - primarily in gynecological patients - treatments can also be performed  by CT-based planning. Our inpatient ward owns 30 beds which can be used by booking an appointment. Psychologists and physiotherapists also help patients to preserve their mental health and physical fitness. The dates of the follow-up examinations are provided by the appointment system. At our clinic, specialists, medical candidates, residents, physicists, section assistants, specialist nurses, medical clerks, psychologists, physiotherapists, scrub assistants, medical carriers, administrative staff and porters help our patients to recover successfully.

Dr. Árpád Kovács
commissioned clinic director

Last update: 2022. 03. 07. 15:16