Introduction - Pathology Division

Diagnostics in pathology means the close and microscopic examination of human cells, tissues, and organs removed from the body for the purposes of diagnosing or dismissing certain conditions and performing examinations required for the optimal treatment of diseases as required by different medical specialties. Diagnostics at the Pathology Division of the University of Debrecen Kenézy Gyula Teaching Hospital continuously responds to the needs of the hospital. Our fully-equipped histochemistry, histo-immunochemistry, and cytology labs are led by a medical biologist. We have a sufficient number of physicians that enables specialization according to the main medical areas of the hospital: pathology of the breast, reproductive system, digestive system, respiratory system, urology, head and neck, skin, as well as gynecological and diagnostic aspiration cytology. Within the framework of a molecular pathology examination, HRHPV determination and CINtec biomarker examination are available for a fee. Our cytopathology lab – an accredited screening lab – is one of the labs with the highest patient population. The division has a number of highly-trained healthcare professionals facilitating care. As a teaching hospital, we cooperate with the Pathology Institute of the University of Debrecen Clinical Center in graduate and post-graduate education. It is our mission to provide patients with high-quality, cutting-edge, wide-ranging diagnostic services that contribute to their speedy recovery.

History of the division

Headed by head physician Dr. György GYŐRY, the Department of Pathology and Histopathology started its operation in 1955 (upon the foundation of the County Hospital) under very poor circumstances, in the financial department buildings of the former Army Hospital. Dr. GYŐRY was a pathomorphologist of extensive knowledge and despite the poor circumstances, his personality could guarantee a high standard of professional work for the hospital. He considered high-quality histotechnology, detailed photo documentation and the perfectly organized and always instructive clinicopathological conferences to be of key significance. By the end of the 1960s, in addition to the increased number of histological samples, among the first departments in Hungary, our unit introduced cytological diagnostics and additionally, it performed histological diagnostics for the hospital in Berettyóújfalu as well. After the death of Dr. GYŐRY in 1971, the division was headed by his trainee, Dr. Szabolcs SZAKÁLL as acting director, who was the only specialist physician for multiple years, with support from the Pathology Institute of the Medical University of Debrecen. In 1980, Dr. Géza became KRAJCZÁR the head of the division. Under Dr. KRAJCZÁR the Division of Pathology went through major modernization. The gynecological cytology screening station was organized, which has been providing screening for female inhabitants of Hajdú-Bihar County and Debrecen ever since. In 1988, the modern history of the division started. The new building of the hospital was built, in which the new Pathology Division received a floor area of 1,200 m2 with state-of-the-art conditions and equipment. The immunohistochemical laboratory started its operation in 1992 and an electronic medical reporting system was introduced at the division. After the death of Dr. KRAJCZÁR, in June 2000, Dr. Ilona KOVÁCS became the acting director and from 2005 she became the appointed head of the division. Since November 2000, an aspiration cytology outpatient clinic has been available and since December 2000 the Pathology Division has had ISO certification as well.

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