Central Radiology Diagnostics - Order and conditions of examinations

Examinations are carried out according to a schedule (organized screening, appointment) or on the basis of the severity of the condition; it is not necessarily on a first-come basis or according to the schedule.

Inpatients shall present for examinations at the time specified in advance (their division shall be responsible for their transportation, if needed). Upon arrival, they shall present at the Information Desk of the examination site.

The conditions of examinations
Proper workflow and scheduling shall be used to reduce the amount of unduly long time spent waiting for examinations and their results.

Patients shall be examined in the examination room in harmony with the applicable professional rules. The physician shall be assisted in his/her work by certified assistants. During the examination, the provisions of the Act on Healthcare shall be observed. In order to ensure examination efficiency and result accuracy we shall do our best to get the patient cooperate with us (immobility, etc.).

The patient shall only need to be in an uncomfortable position and their clothes should be removed only to the extent needed for as short time as necessary. If the patient needs to lie down for a longer time to be examined (ultrasound), he/she will be covered while paying attention to not reducing examination efficiency. Confused, helpless, unconscious or severely injured patients and children shall not be left unattended.  Unauthorized or unnecessary persons shall not be present in the examination room. In duly justified cases, if the person to be examined gives his/her consent, a relative may be present at the examination under his/her own responsibility.

Last update: 2022. 03. 22. 11:26