Surgery Clinic - Surgery schedule, examinations prior to and preparation for surgery

Patients scheduled for surgery must take part in necessary pre-surgery examinations including laboratory tests, imaging tests and other examinations and pre-anesthetic evaluation.

They are then admitted with their completed assessments on the day before surgery or in the morning of the day of surgery depending on what preparations are needed for surgery.

Prior to surgery patients are informed about what they need to do about their usual medications, what restrictions regarding diet need to be observed and in certain surgeries instructions for laxatives are given.

Elective (planned) surgeries are scheduled for weekdays Monday-Friday calculating with working hours 8 AM - 3:30 PM.

The surgery schedule for the following day is prepared in the late morning giving the order of surgeries in observance of the professional standards, designating the numbers of the operating table, the names of patients, the surgical diagnosis, the names of doctors taking part in the surgery and the sedation/general anesthesia procedure. The schedule for Monday is prepared on Friday.

Changes, however, can happen on the day of the surgery, as we may receive a patient with an acute abdominal, vascular or thoracic condition the surgery of which cannot be delayed.

Kidney transplantations are also special, as they cannot very well be scheduled and so they can also have an impact on the already prepared surgery schedule. These are inconveniences that cannot be prevented since our clinic is on constant standby for admissions.

Urgent surgeries (acute abdominal catastrophes, PTX, arterial occlusions, kidney transplantations) are performed 24 hours a day, every day. The order and time of surgeries is decided by the leading duty doctor. 

Last update: 2022. 02. 24. 11:46