Emergency Care Division - Inpatient care

Emergency care is responsible for the early detection of acute conditions, providing help in time, stabilizing the patient, offering differential diagnostics, starting adequate treatment, and getting the patient to the level of care most appropriate for their condition.

All patients with acute conditions are treated at our unit 24 hours, 7 days a week, except for gynecological, traumatological, pediatric, and infectious diseases.

We see patients with toxicosis from Hajdú-Bihar County and those with alcohol poisoning from Debrecen.

Our division has: 3 outpatient care units, 10-bed sub intensive care monitoring room, which is equipped like an intensive care room, 1 observation room with 13 beds, 1 observation room with 6-8 transport beds and a 12-bed toxicology unit. 

Head of department chief physician: Dr. Csilla Kovács

Head nurse of department: Károlyné Győr

Last update: 2022. 02. 28. 14:33