Medical specialties - Nagyerdei Campus Pharmacy

Supply of medicines and information to the units of the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen
  • The basic task of the Klinika Pharmacy is to supply medicines to the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen

Preparation of magistral pharmaceutical products

  • Making magistral pharmaceutical products according to the demand by the clinics and based on prescriptions

Preparation of cytostatic mixture infusions

  • Making mixture infusions for oncological patients in a laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment and high level quality assurance

Medication tailored to patients

  • At the Orthopedics Clinic there is individualized medicine distribution under the supervision of a pharmacist, during which the control of the medications, the monitoring of side-effects and the interactions of medicines are also checked.

Pharmacist consultancy at the bed of the patient

  • At certain clinics, medication for patients is decided in cooperation with a pharmacist. The pharmacist prepares the drug anamnesis.

Supply of drugs “with a separate NEAK budget” (National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary) to outpatients

  • Supply of outpatients with hemophilia and Hepatitis-C with special medicines from a separate budget
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