Introduction - Ophthalmology Clinic

Welcome to the page of Ophthalmology Clinic.

I have been the head of the Ophthalmology Clinic since January 1, 2020, giving a youtful impetus to this institution with a long history. Our purpose is to serve the interests of our patients, help with their recovery and make them satisfied that attract more patients. Furthermore, the education of the colleagues, passing our knowledge to them and deeping the love in the profession are the main tasks of me. However, it can be achieved, if the doctors of the Ophthalmology Clinic can work in a supportive environment with the feeling of the job satisfaction and having a European level of knowledge. We are constantly making efforts to make the staff of the Ophthalmology Clinic humane and helpful, to whom it is worth visiting and returning to Debrecen. The Ophthalmology Clinic welcomes patients from abroad, too. As a proactive ophthalmologist, achieving these goals will lead me to always remain an idealistic and optimistic person.

Dr. Mariann Fodor
clinic director, associate professor

Last update: 2022. 03. 07. 22:24