Organizational Units

Healthcare Service Units:

Departments of the Clinical Centre

Diagnostic Units

University Pharmacy

  • Pharmacy of Nagyerdei Campus
  • Pharmacy of Kenézy Gyula Campus

Centre of Expertise for Rare Diseases of the Clinical Centre

Assisted Reproduction Centre

Institute for Primary Care and Health Promotion of Debrecen

  • Primary Dental Care (simultaneous specialist care of school dentistry and primary care) and Emergency Care
  • School and Kindergarten Healthcare
  • Health Visitor Service
  • Health Promotion Office
  • Breast Milk Collection Centre
  • University Occupational Health Service
  • GP Service

Clinical Psychology Centre

Central Sterilizer

Organizational units related to the healthcare activities

Presidential Office

  • Legal and Human Policy Department

Organizational units under the control of the coordination vice president

Operative Management

  • Quality Office
  • Healthcare Tender Management Group 
  • Hospital Hygiene Department
  • Training Coordination Department
  • Radiation Protection Group

Directorate of Nursing and Professional Workers

  • Dietetic Service of the University
    • Dietetic Service of the Clinical Centre
    • Dietetice Service of The Kenézy Gyula Campus
  • Vocational Adult Training Centre
  • Nurse hostel
  • Work Team of Social Work
  • Hospital Chaplain Service
  • Central Patient Transport Service KGYC

Patient Management Centre

Additional patient care units belonging to the Clinical Centre​​​​​​

  • Balneology Centre
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department
  • Hospice-Palliative Care Department
  • Same-day Surgery Centre
  • Same-day Ophthalmology Centre
  • Outpatient Specialist Care Centre
  • Central Laboratory

Organizational units under the control of the medical vice-president:

  • Coordinating Centre for Epidemiology

Count Tisza István Campus Organizational Units

Patient care units

  • Internal Medicine - Division of Gastroenterology 
  • Division of Pediatrics
  • Division of Neurology
  • Intensive and Subintensive Monitoring Unit (ISMU)
  • Division of Central Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit
  • Division of Chronic Internal Medicine
  • Division of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
  • Division of Operative Matrix
  • Division of Psychiatry
  • Division of Emergency Patient Care
  • Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Same-day healthcare
  • Specialist consultations
  • Care units
    • Pulmonary Care Institution
    • Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Disease Care - specialist clinic
    • Psychiatry Caregiver - Specialist Clinic

Central diagnostic units

  • Central Laboratory - Transfusiology
  • MRI
  • Division of Pathology
  • Division of Radiology

Centralized health services

  • Institutional Pharmacy
  • Central Patient Transport Service
  • Central Dietetic Service
  • Central Physiotherapy Service
  • Central Operating Room Specialist and Operating Assistant Service
  • Central Sterilizer

Other campus organizational units

  • Directorate Secretariat
  • Patient Admission Office
  • Health Promotion Office
  • Hospital hygiene
  • Occupational health care
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