Waiting list

Contact information for the National Waiting List Registry System

The Clinical Centre of the University of Debrecen provides the following services based on the waiting list of the institution:

  • Cataract surgeries
  • Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy
  • Paranasal sinus and mastoideus surgeries
  • Vertebral stabilization and vertebral deformity surgeries
  • Disc herniation surgeries
  • Surgeries of the benign enlargement of prostate I (Prostatectomy)
  • Surgeries of the benign enlargement of prostate II (Transurethral prostate surgery)
  • Gynecological surgeries in non-malignant processes
  • Knee prosthesis surgery, orthopedic profession
  • Hip prosthesis surgery, orthopedic profession
  • Coronary artery interventions
  • Electrophysiological examination of the heart, high frequency and radio frequency ablations
  • Significant extended spinal surgeries
  • Open cardiac surgeries
  • Cerebral gamma ray surgery

Gamma Radiosurgery Centre

Description of the planned form of care No. in waiting list Waiting list ID Date of entry to waiting list Date of planned care
Gamma radiosurgery Treatment 1 GSC16038IS 2024.06.24 2024.07.31
Gamma radiosurgery Treatment 2 GSC16043IS 2024.06.27 2024.07.31
Gamma radiosurgery Treatment 3 GSC16050IS 2024.07.17 2024.07.31

The insured person is entitled to receiving care according to the date of being added to the waiting list.

Deviation from the dates indicated is possible

  • a) if the care is medically justified;
  • b) on the basis of the anticipated results of the care;
  • c) priority over others due to permanent incapability to work;
  • d) if immediate care is justified due to the health status of the insured person;
  • e) to the detriment of the insured person, if requested by the insured person.

The insured person may receive even without referral

  • a) medical care provided by a specialist outpatient centre in
    • aa) dermatology,
    • ab) Gynecology and pediatric Gynecology,
    • ac) urology,
    • ad) psychiatry and addictology,
    • ae) otorhinolaryngology and infant and pediatric otorhinolaryngology,
    • af) ophthalmology and pediatric ophthalmology,
    • ag) general surgery and traumatology,
    • ah) oncology,
  • b) the care provided for the insured people whose dermatology and venereology, pulmonology and oncology or therapeutic care has already begun first time based on referral with that no referral is necessary even for the first time, if the insured person applies for pulmonology care to support cessation of smoking.

The forms of specialist care defined in section a) above - except the ones listed there - there is do not include specialist care listed under the main professional care group but requiring a sub-specialty qualification.

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