General rules at the Clinical Centre of the University of Debrecen

General rules at the Clinical Centre of the University of Debrecen

Based on the obligations stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Social and Family Affairs under Decree no. 43/2003 (29.08), by considering related laws and internal regulations, I regulate the general rules at the Clinical Centre of the University of Debrecen as follows. The detailed rules of certain clinics are included in the general rules of the given clinic.
I. Rules and regulations on the internal order of the Clinics

1.    General daily routine: clinics can determine the time of waking up, bathing of patients, breakfast, ward rounds, examinations, treatments, lunch, silent hours, dinner, evening rounds, lights out, etc. in their own rules.

2.       Internal order of the Clinics

II. Rules on practicing the right to have contact

1.      General regulations: The right to have contact can be exercised depending on the conditions at the Clinics, by observing the rights of fellow patients, ensuring the smooth running of patient care and by observing the regulations below.

2.       Recommended order of visiting patients

3.       Other rules of keeping contact

III. Rules on exercising and the enforcement of patient's rights

1.      Exercising of patient’s rights

2.      Enforcement of patient's rights

IV. Rules for keeping contact with the patient advocate: A patient advocate is available at the Clinical Centre of the University of Debrecen. The patient advocate is responsible for the protection of the rights of the patients as determined by the Act on Healthcare and helps the patients to get to know their rights and enforce them if necessary. Consultation hours: Tuesday: 8:00-11:00 am, Thursday: 12:00-14:00 pm. Place: Floor 1 of the building in the Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine Clinic.
Postal address: H-4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei krt. 98.
V. Deposit of the valuables of patients: The clothes of the patients admitted are placed in the lockers or in the designated place within the hospital room. It shall be the responsibility of the specific clinic to regulate the placement and safekeeping of the valuables, cash and securities. The clinic shall assume liability only for the valuables handed over to it for safekeeping.
VI. The rules for press and publicity

  • In case of a patient of full disposing capacity, medical data regarding patients may be disclosed to the press only with their consent and within the framework indicated in such consent.
  • In case of a patient of no disposing capacity or limited disposing capacity, people listed in section 16 of Act CXLIV of 1997 on Healthcare may give such consent.
  • Even in possession of a consent, notification may be given only in accordance with the personality rights of the patient.

VII. Participation in medical training

  • The practical training of the medical students and the students taking part in other medical training (hereinafter referred to as students) is performed at the Clinical Centre, as the healthcare provider of the University of Debrecen, therefore, students are or may be present during patient care.
  • Pursuant to the relevant regulations, there is no need for the consent of the patient to let the students be present.
  • Students shall also be subject to the requirements on the handling of and the insight into the medical documentations and medical confidentiality.

VIII. Obligations of the patient

  • The patients shall - if it is made possible by their health condition - according to their abilities and knowledge cooperate with the healthcare professionals involved in their care and to comply with the instructions (therapy, diet, other regulations) of the attending physician.
  • Patients shall observe the rules on the protection of property, use the furnishings of the clinic according to their intended use and to save and preserve them. Any conduct against property shall result in a liability for damages.
  • The stipulations of the general and other internal regulations shall be observed and the material breach thereof, which disturbs or obstructs the healing of fellow patients may result in a discharge from the clinic.

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