General rules - Other rules of keeping contact

3.1. Patients may keep contact with their relatives via a phone device using the phones indicated in the general rules of the given clinic.

3.2. If a patient intends to exclude someone from visiting him/her or forbids the disclosure of the fact of his/her medical treatment or other information to someone, the patient shall notify the assistant taking the therapeutic anamnesis, who shall record the names of the given people in the patient documentation.

3.3. Patients with severe illnesses - or in case of a severely ill patient with no disposing capacity, the people listed in paragraph (2) of section 16 of Act CLIV of 1997 on Healthcare - may name a person to stay with them. This statement shall be made and recorded as defined in section 3.2 hereunder.

3.4. The parent or legal representative of an underage patient or the person named by the parent or legal representative of an underage patient may stay next to the patient during his/her clinical treatment without disturbing patient care.

3.5. To ensure the free exercise of religion and the right to keep contact with a clergyman of the patient’s religion, the time, the order and the location of religious ceremonies and the contacts of clergymen shall be displayed on a board at the clinics.

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