General rules - Internal order of the Clinics

2.1. With the exception of curative treatment and therapy, patients may stay only in the designated rooms and locations.

2.2. In the area of the Clinics, the order and the cleanliness of the facility shall be safeguarded by everyone.

2.3. The patients admitted to the department shall notify the attending physician or the head of the shift about their intention to leave (temporary leave), who shall record this in writing on the medical chart.

2.4. No smoking is allowed in the buildings of the Clinical Centre. Smoking is allowed only in the designated smoking areas in the entire area of the Clinical Centre. To preserve and regain health, please do not smoke on the site of the centre.

2.5. No alcoholic beverages shall be brought or consumed in the area of the clinics.

2.6. Due to hygienic reasons, flowers shall not be brought into the hospital rooms.

2.7. Devices connecting to electrical network (e.g. television, computer, gaming machines, electric toothbrush, etc.) can be used by the patients according to the general rules of the given clinic, if these devices serve their hygienic care or other comfort.

2.8. Permitted devices may be used only without disturbing the order of patient care and the rest of the patients. Radio, smartphones, etc. may be operated only with earpieces.

2.9. In the sections or departments where the use of mobile phones is not forbidden by a separate provision, there is no objection to the use of mobile phones. Prohibitions shall be published on a separate board.

2.10. Food can be brought in and consumed only with the permission of the ward physician. Food may be stored only in the designated fridge, in a packaging showing the name of the patient, the number of his/her room and the date of placing such food into the fridge.

2.11. Patients may wear their own clothes (bathrobe, pajamas, slippers), may use their personal objects (e.g. toiletries, cutleries, etc.), unless otherwise stipulated by their attending physician.

2.12. Patients may bring in and take their own medication with the consent of their attending physician. The attending physician shall inform the patients about the storage and use of their own medications.

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