General rules - Exercising patient’s rights

1.1. The attending physician shall fully inform the patients in a personalized form about their health condition, including the medical judgement thereof. When receiving information, the patient may ask questions. The fact of notification shall be recorded in the medical documentation of the patient. Verbal notification may not replace the handover of the pre-printed general materials.

1.2. If a patient of full disposing capacity waives their right of information, the attending physician obliged to keep records shall record this on the medical documentation together with the time and date thereof and shall sign such record.

1.3. The names and the positions of the healthcare professionals of the clinics shall be displayed on the badges on their clothes.

1.4. The patients shall notify the attending physician if they intend to interrupt their treatment and intend to leave the clinics before the end thereof. Such notification, together with the time and date thereof, shall be recorded on the medical documentation of the patient, together with the name and signature of the healthcare professional making such a record.

1.5. The oral declaration of an illiterate patient about the right of self-determination (declaration of consent on the performance of an intervention, the withdrawal thereof, etc.) may be made only in the presence of two witnesses. The oral declaration shall be recorded in the medical documentation together with the names, home addresses and contact data of the witnesses.

1.6. The right to become acquainted with the medical record may be exercised by the patient according to directive no. OSTRAT/1373/2008/OSTRAT.

1.7. If the patient names a person to whom information may be provided about their disease or the expected outcome thereof, their hospitalization or if they exclude any person from the people entitled to get information, the name and contacts of such named persons shall be recorded in the medical documentation of the patient together with the name of the recording person and the time and date of such record.

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