General rules - Enforcement of patient’s rights

2.1. With regard to medical questions concerning their care, patients may submit a complaint primarily to the attending physician, regarding nursing services to the head nurse of the clinic and if any of these complaints are rejected, to the Director of the clinic.

2.2. In case of a complaint not remedied at the clinic, the medical director or the Director General of the Clinical Centre may be contacted.

2.3. The complaints of the patients shall be examined within the shortest possible time, but within 30 working days at the latest and the complainant shall be notified about the findings thereof.

2.4. The right to complaint regulated above shall not affect the right of the patient to contact the patient advocate, other organizations or the Ethics Committee of the clinic to request the examination of the complaint.

2.5. The patients may present their complaint either in writing or verbally.

Last update: 2024. 01. 31. 15:24