Right to medical confidentiality

  • The attending person and anyone getting to know medical data during the provision of health services or performing other work shall be subject to confidentiality obligations regarding the data and other facts they have become aware of.
  • This right assumes on the one hand that the attending physician shall disclose the medical secrets only to the authorized people and on the other that they shall keep medical data confidential.
  • Patients shall have the right to make a statement as to who are to receive information on their illness and the expected outcome thereof and who are to be excluded therefrom. An inpatient shall have the right to determine the people to be and not to be notified about their placement or state by the institute.
  • This right provides an opportunity for the patients to have the persons be present during their medical treatment whose presence is strictly necessary during their care.
  • The patients shall also have the right to receive their examination or treatment under such circumstances that no others could hear or see it without their consent
Last update: 2021. 09. 29. 13:23