Aspiration cytology specialty clinic


Referrals are required and appointments must be booked to visit our specialist outpatient clinic. 


  • extension 54625
  • +36 52 255 276

Patients from specialist outpatient clinics and inpatient departments of the Clinical Center are received. It is compulsory to wear a face mask and use hand disinfectant before entering the waiting room. Temperature measurement is also needed.

Aspiration cytology test means that a thin needle is used to collect cells or sometimes discharge from the human body. The material collected from the test area facilitates cytological tests. The test is similar to blood draws. The collected cells are analyzed by a cytopathologist under the microscope. 


  •  may trigger other and more difficult sampling (eg. surgical)
  • can be performed as an outpatient
  • quick, it takes about 15-20 minutes
  • can be tolerated well with minimal pain
  • reliable result in most cases
  • in the case of a cyst, it may be a definitive solution by aspirating the contents


  • do not get enough cells in 25-30%, in this case, sampling can be repeated using imaging diagnostics


  • general malaise (excitement, fear of needle)
  • bleeding in the soft tissues, which usually heals without a trace in a few days when compressed

Patients do not need to present on an empty stomach, they need to take their regular medications.


Dr. Tamás Csonka

Dr. Csaba Molnár

Dr. Sándor Csaba Szász