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What to do?
Who to turn to?



Examination/lab test result

  • For enquiries on a specific disease, appointment making or examination/ lab test results, it is recommended to contact the corresponding specialty care unit or physician.
  • To do this, use the application specialty care finder or doctor finder.
  • In case of failure, contact the relevant Department by clicking on it among the Organizational Units.
  • For emergency care matters click here.
Fee-paying patients
  • For enquiries on publicity, please contact the Press Office.


Looking for a job
  • If you wish to apply for a job at the Clinical Center, please find the available positions at Vacancies.
Educational matters
  • Remarks or enquiries related to our website can be sent to
  • If your enquiry is related to one specific organizational unit, please contact the colleagues of that particular organizational unit. Further remarks can be made here .

Updated: 2020.01.13.