Completed and ongoing grants in the Clinical Center

  • TMOP-4.1.2.A/1-11/1-2011-0084 - Development of education materials serving the acquisition of practical competences, based on simulation models and supported by audio-visual equipment in medical training
  • TÁMOP-4.1.1.C-13/1/KONV-2014-0001 - Practice-oriented and student-friendly improvement of life sciences and clinical higher education and the strengthening of the international competitiveness of the training sites outside Budapest
  • HURO/1101/130/2.2.1 BRAINPAIN - Joint development of research infrastructure to enhance the examination possibilities of neurodegenerative diseases and pain syndromes
  • HURO/111/081/2.4.1 Interregional development of obstetric and gynecological care
  • TAMOP-6.2.4/A-09/1-2010-0004 Support for filling rare skilled jobs in the Medical and Health Science Center of the University of Debrecen
  • TIOP-1.3.1-07/2/2F-2009-0001 Development of the infrastructure for education in natural sciences and engineering
  • TÁMOP-4.1.1/A-10/1/KONV-2010-0016 Development of the means of adaptation to the labor market, practical training sites, institution management and student-faculty services at the University of Debrecen
  • TÁMOP-4.1.2-08/1/C-2009-0001 Regional Teacher training and further training network and database in the Northern Great Plain Region
  • TÁMOP-4.1.2-08/1/A-2009-0011 Matching master’s programs in medical biotechnology at the University of Pécs and the University of Debrecen with the new social challenges in the European Union
  • TÁMOP-4.1.2-08/1/A-2009-0019 Establishment of an e-learning system in the Medical and Health Science Center of the University of Debrecen
  • TÁMOP-4.2.3-08/1-2009-0006 Popularization of new scientific results and the development of scientific initiatives at the University of Debrecen
  • TÁMOP-4.2.3-08/1-2009-0017 Organization of an international conference and the development of electronic publication at the University of Debrecen for the dissemination of new scientific results

Auguszta grant

HEFOP 4.3. First central program on measures for the development of medical infrastructure in underdeveloped regions: establishment of a regional health center model institution. Within the program, the Medical and Health Science Center of Debrecen establishes a Cardiovascular and Oncological Complex Regional Health Center which satisfies the full-scope of progressive patient care of the Northern Great Plain and Northern Hungary regions in the field of cardiovascular diseases and cancer both directly and with the help of the institutions of the two regions. It is well-known that cardiovascular diseases and cancer are particularly widespread in the Northern Great Plain and Northern Hungary regions. The program covers the entire range of the therapy of these disease groups: prevention, screening, diagnostics, conservative and surgical therapy, rehabilitation, follow-up care and secondary prevention. The complex care of these disease groups is performed within the framework of the Auguszta project, which is unique in Hungary.

The program in numbers

  • Built: 13,086 m2 of new buildings and 3,210 m2 of new building extension
  • Renovated: 14,935 m2
  • Investment cost: HUF 12.12 billion, out of which HUF 1.32 billion was own contribution, HUF 1.80 billion was a subsidy from the government and HUF 9.00 billion was a subsidy from the European Union
  • Anticipated results: 214,000 fewer days on sick leave, 12% lower deaths compared to 2010.

Updated: 2019.12.09.