Internal Medicine Clinic Block B - Ward rounds

Ward doctors’ round: This round is made in the morning. The doctors review the test reports that have arrived and ensure that the data are recorded on the fever chart. They then perform a thorough physical examination, ask patients about their condition and then discuss further procedures with the nurse and document the tasks on the fever chart. The ward doctors administer injections, infusions or blood products that nurses are not authorized to administer. They check on their patients again during the day depending on the severity of patients’ condition.

Head of Ward’s round: The Head of Ward’s round takes place after the ward doctors’ round with the leading consultant, the ward doctor and the appointed nurse of the ward taking part. During the round the ward doctor reports on the condition of the patient and the results of test that have been received. The Head of Ward examines and questions the patient, if needed and the team discuss the next steps. The Head of Ward may suggest further examinations or tests, discuss the temporary or final diagnoses and gives the date of possible discharge.

Head of Department’s round: Depending on their schedule the head of Block B or the heads of departments take a round at each ward at least once a week. The head of the department, the Head of the Ward, the ward doctor, the head nurse of the ward and the appointed nurse of the ward take part in this round.

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