Introduction - Medical Microbiology

Medical Microbiology provides laboratory services to test for infectious diseases.

Within the organizational unit tasks are divided into three areas. The Bacteriology Lab runs mixed clinical bacteriological, enteral bacteriological, and hygiene tests, testing for pathogens with rapid diagnostic tests or culturing. Regarding research methods, the lab diagnostics of infections caused by mycetoma belong here. EUCAST guidelines determine the antibiotic resistance of cultured pathogens. The Virology Lab conducts serological and nucleic acid-based lab tests for infections, which primarily work to check for the diagnosis of viral infections, but the same type of test is also run for other pathogens. The Myco-Bacterial Lab tests for pathogens responsible for tuberculosis, as well as their sensitivity to anti-tuberculosis medicine.

Medical Microbiology offers specialist education and trainings in the field of medical microbiology, as well as other professions that require a practice in infection labs. The staff at Medical Microbiology are always open for and can be contacted for consultations, including suggestions and advice regarding the indications of the results run in infection labs, their timing and pre-analytical requirements, foreseeably effective empirical antimicrobial therapy, the interpretation of partial and final results, the relationship between antimicrobial therapy and antibiotics resistance, options to curb the spreading of resistance, and progressive tests.

Diagnostic work related to treating patients

Our Virology, Bacteriology, Mycological and Myco-Bacterial Labs are continuously extending their diagnostic services to increase the accuracy and speed of identifying pathogens. The staff members participate in Hungarian and international scholarly life so that the results of studies may be utilized in improving diagnostic methods. They also use cutting-edge diagnostic kits to enhance the quality of their work.

Dr. József Kónya
Head of the Unit

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