Neurosurgery Clinic - Introduction to Core Functions

The Neurosurgery Clinic treats pediatric and adult neurosurgical conditions. The clinic covers the following areas: degenerative and tumor disorders of the spine and certain trauma induced disorders as well as intracranial disorders, primarily tumors, malformations of the skull and spine, disorders of the cerebral fluid circulation, certain injuries of the skull and functional disorders like facial neuralgia and Parkinson’s disease. Radio-surgical therapy of brain disorders are addressed in cooperation with the Radiosurgery Center, and the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases using a catheter in cooperation with the Radiology Clinic. In these cases the necessary neurosurgical intervention will be decided and specific advice will be provided to the patient at the outpatient unit based on available medical documentation. It is here that patients are informed about potential treatments they may be administered and it is here that patients treated at this ward need to return to for follow-up examinations.  

Last update: 2022. 02. 10. 14:41