Temporary vehicle pass, free exit and stay at the Clinical Center site

Nagyerdei Campus

Patients with reduced mobility and subject to multiple months of medical treatment and receiving treatment every 2-3 days (e.g., arriving for dialysis, radiotherapy, hematology treatment, arriving for re-examination after kidney transplantation) or their relatives may receive temporary vehicle passes based on a certificate (annex 3) signed by the director of the given clinic.

If a physically disabled person requires hospital treatment, the vehicle transporting this person shall be entitled to exit free of charge on the basis of the certificate of the attending physician (annex 3) on the day of issue of the certificate.

People arriving between 5 PM and 8 AM on weekdays or any time on weekends and public holidays for pediatric service after hours or sleep disorder examination, if their attending physician certifies their ticket, they are allowed to stay in the Clinical Center site free of charge.

Kenézy Gyula Campus 

Relatives of those patients who visit them regularly, or patients who need treatment and visit the Clinical Centre several times a week have the opportunity to buy a visitor pass. Rules of the free parking is decided by the head of the Clinical Centre.

Last update: 2022. 03. 02. 14:24