Operation of emergency care

At the Emergency Clinic, where out-of-hours GP services are also provided to adults, a single-point admittance system has been established. At the Emergency Clinic and at other emergency care units of the Clinical Centre patients go through a condition assessment first, and then receive appropriate treatment.

EMERGENCY CARE IS PROVIDED IN ORDER OF SEVERITY, AND NOT IN ORDER OF ARRIVAL, which means that the waiting time depends on the deverity of the patient's condition.

The first assessment takes place within 5-7 minutes of the arrival of the patient. The result of this assessment defines when the patients will be treated.

Patient information is entered into the IT system of the emergency care unit as soon as possible. Then, based on the severity of their conditions, patients are prioritised in the 1-5 triage system. (1: requires immediate care, 2: critical, 3: urgent, 4: less urgent, 5: not urgent).

For each category, the time within which a patient must receive medical treatment is established. If a patient needs immediate medical help, it will be provided immediately. 

Last update: 2022. 02. 04. 12:54