Right to leave the healthcare facility

  • The patient shall have the right to leave the healthcare facility, unless this threatens the physical safety or health of others. In certain situations, this freedom may be restricted. This special situation applies in case of patients with TB, however, only in the stage of the disease when there is danger of infection.
  • If the patient intends to leave the healthcare facility, s/he shall notify the attending physician thereabout.
  • The patient shall be notified by all means about the possibility of incidental complications.
  • The right to leave at their own responsibility is not allowed for patients of full disposing capacity who intend to leave the hospital due to the acute disorder of their mental abilities and such intention can be proven. In this case, the freedom of movement may be temporarily restricted. This is necessary not only due to the protection of the environment of the patients, but it is in their own interest as well.
Last update: 2021. 09. 29. 13:23