Introduction - Psychology Division

The Psychology Division started its operation in 2016 by uniting the specialist psychologists and psychologists of the Adult Psychiatry Division, the Adult Psychiatry outpatient clinic and the Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Division. The division has been headed by Márton LUKÁCS clinical psychologist since 2017. In all subunits of the Adult Psychiatry Division the presence of a clinical psychologist is ensured continuously. Furthermore, the Psychology Division considers it its outstanding task - representing a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual approach - to help inpatients in somatic departments not having access to the continuous presence of a psychologist to also get psychological care. As a result, physicians of the University of Debrecen Kenézy Gyula Teaching Hospital have been able to request the help of a psychologist for the patients in their departments by means of a consultation. A cardiac rehabilitation program is part of complex care, within the framework of which patients receive psychological support in groups, just as our services at the Hospice Division, where a psychologist works with the patients and their relatives requiring psychological help 20 hours a week.

Last update: 2022. 03. 02. 11:49