Arrival, placement - Emergency Care

The patients are received at the Triage counter by trained personnel. Data are recorded in the IT system and information is given about the procedure of patient care.

Patient care is performed not on the first come, first served basis, but based on severity. The patients receive notification on the internationally accepted, expected waiting time and also about the fact that it is not always a physician who performs the first examinations. The boards placed in the waiting room also provide information about the waiting time (depending on the number of patients, waiting times may be significantly longer).

Documents necessary for admission:

  • Hungarian social security (TAJ) card
  • referral (if any)
  • personal identification card
  • earlier medical documentations, discharge reports
  • list of medications taken at home

If possible, do not bring with you:

  • jewelry
  • other valuables
  • large amounts of cash
  • alcoholic beverages
Last update: 2021. 10. 26. 14:35