Introduction - Daytime Hospital

Daytime hospital in psychiatric care

Our daytime hospital was founded in April 1991 based on the traditions of an occupational therapy department which had been operating for 10 years. Our main task is to help psychotic patients reintegrate into society. After inpatient care, we help them return to everyday life by building a bridge between the hospital and the outside world. Our institution was organized in line with the principles of therapeutic community. Due to the occupational therapy and rehabilitation profile of the institution, the element of the therapeutic community concept which urges patients to have a structured lifestyle has always been present in its boarder sense even if with a varying emphasis at different periods. This way we support patients’ social integration and their adaptation to reality. The psychotherapeutic approach of the staff supports the recognition of the patients’ own values and lifestyle. It was in the cross-section of this everyday struggle that the structure of our institution was formed. The gateway to daytime hospital is the outpatient clinic.

The gateway connects, just like a bridge, but it also separates by means of the ritual and regulation involved in crossing it. Patients are admitted to our institution only after two weeks of “probation”. During this time, the rights and obligations of such patients are the same as those of the other members, but they are still in an outpatient status. After the end of the “probation”, the staff and the patient jointly decide on “crossing the gateway”. Our agreement is stipulated in a therapy agreement. Half of the psychotic patients who have been treated at our daytime hospital in the past 27 years still come to our clinic for check-up examinations.

The majority of our therapeutic programs are open for ourselves as well.

Arts and crafts groups: wickerwork, straw weaving, pottery, weaving, sewing.

Psychotherapeutic programs: assertive training, individual therapies, family consultations, animal-assisted therapy, Bible group, art therapies.

Sociotherapeutic groups: drama workshop, literary circle, physiotherapy, exercise group, music and dance groups, psychoeducation and community programs.

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