Introduction - Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic

1. History

The Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic opened in the summer of 1927. The Clinic has been working as a “WHO Collaborating Center” since 1987 and in 1992 it was the first in Europe to receive the distinguished “Baby-friendly Hospital” title. 

2. Main areas of care and medical specialties

  • Gynecological outpatient clinic
  • Prenatal outpatient care
  • Infertility clinic
  • Gynecological endocrinology
  • Pediatric Gynecology
  • Menopause - osteoporosis
  • Genetic counselling clinic
  • Bone densitometry (DEXA)
  • Urogynecology

3. Technology and development project

Since 2005, a new outpatient section, comfortable wards for mothers with their babies, an air-conditioned operating room, a new teaching room, and single delivery rooms have become available. Simultaneously, modern equipment has also been acquired, enabling the Clinic to provide high-level patient care, teaching, and research in addition to strengthening its leading role in the profession regionally.

4. Th emost important acquisition of equipments 

The most modern ultrasound device has been purchased which is responsible for the screening and diagnos of the heart defects. Another ultrasound device also has been purchased which examines the pelvic floor muscles, thus helping people suffering from incontinence and pelvic subsidence.

The so-called abdominal exploration system, surgical scissors operating with plasma technology and laparoscopic surgical tools assist the gynecological oncology surgical interventions.

Acquired “walking” CTG devices with bluetooth technology (examines the fetal heart function), new operating table, several infusion pumps, modern, electrically adjustable beds and mobile bathtub are a great help in caring for expectant mothers.


Dr. Zoárd Krasznai
commissioned clinic director

Last update: 2022. 03. 09. 00:13