Introduction - Same-day Surgery Centre

Same-day surgical care is a special kind of care that requires hospitalization, which requires less than 24 hours of care in an institution that meets special conditions similar to hospital conditions.

By definition, same-day surgical care requires shorter care time than 24 hours, but actually it mostly means 12-hour care, as the Same-day Surgery Division is open from 7 am to 7 pm. All activities are performed during this 12-hour period: patient admission, operation, observation, and discharge. Generally speaking, the possibility for performing the procedure within same-day surgical care depends on the patient’s underlying diseases. However, the patients’ overall condition, secondary diseases often have an impact on whether the procedure can or cannot be performed under same-day surgical care, whether they can be discharged no later than 7 pm or in justified cases before 7 am the next day. On the basis of our experience, it can be stated that patients have a growing need to spend as little time as possible at the hospital. Consequently, they do not object to same-day surgeries. However, for us the patients’ sense of security has the highest priority. On the basis of the 10,000 procedures performed during the past 10 years, the division has extraordinary experience in this field and this has even shaped the basic principles of hospital care in many cases.

Head chief physician of the Centre: Dr. Zsolt Lampé

Head nurse of the Centre: Erzsébet Kis-Bicskei

Last update: 2024. 01. 30. 15:57