Regulations related to staying on the campuses

1. Tickets and passes shall not entitle anyone to have a parking place.

2. The ticket bought for the given site shall not entitle anyone to stay on other sites of the university.

3. Rules of the Highway Code shall apply to traffic at the sites.

4. Having a permission to enter shall not mean the guarding of the vehicles. Parking shall be at the own responsibility of the driver. The university shall not be liable for the objects left in the vehicles and for any incidental damage in the vehicle.

5. Parking is only allowed in the designated areas (indicated by signs and road markings).

6. Parking places can be used based on the following categorization:

a) free parking places

They can be used by anyone having a valid ticket or pass.

b) disabled person’s parking places

They can be used exclusively by people having a valid disabled pass, who can enter and park at all campuses free of charge.

c) closed parking places and allocated parking places

Closed parking places and allocated parking places can be used only with a special permission. Special permissions may be issued by the Chancellor, the Chief of Staff and the Director General of the Clinical Center.

For each Faculty, 3 parking places may be allocated on their own campus. For the management of the university, the chancellor may allocate parking places of exclusive use. In the area of the Clinical Center, the Director General of the Clinical Center shall be entitled to allocate closed or allocated parking places.

7. The University involves the authorities as well in the enforcement of the observation of traffic and parking regulations. The University initiates an official procedure against anyone severely violating the Highway Code or the parking regulations. To prevent speeding, the University may randomly perform speed control. Additionally, the University installs barriers to slowdown traffic, if necessary, to limit speed (speed bumper, traffic island).

8. The guards check the observation of rules, especially the order of parking. In case of any violation of the rules, the guard may proceed as follows:

a) Verbal warning or in case of the absence of driver, placement of a warning script on the windscreen or a formal notice sent to the driver/owner of the vehicle.

b) With a repeat notice (third time within a year), withdrawal of the pass for 3 months and in case of a person using a ticket, suspension of entry for 3 months.

c) After the expiry of the ban of 3 months, in case of a repeat violation of rules within half a year, withdrawal of the pass for 1 year and in case of a person using a ticket, a ban for 1 year.

d) In case of gross offenses (e.g., crossing or parking on green areas or unauthorized use of disabled or allocated parking places), if item b) above is repeated, the sanctions of item c) shall apply immediately.

9. To prevent theft, the driver of the vehicle must allow the security service to check inside of the vehicle and the trunk.

Last update: 2022. 03. 02. 14:33