UD Mediversity app

As your health is our main priority, the University of Debrecen has developed an innovative mobile application called UD Mediversity aiming to help patients and their relatives find their way more easily among the services offered by the Clinical Centre and the Kenézy Gyula Teaching Hospital. The health care service finder application of the University of Debrecen makes it possible for its users to always access up-to-date health care information provided by the university.

  • The doctor finder application supports users in quickly finding the university physicians delivering patient care.  
  • The specialty care finder application ensures users can access plenty of useful information regarding the services offered by the university, for example on consulting hours, the consulting physician or the location where the medical services will be provided.
  • The latter option will be available with the help of the location finder development. This application uses individual words or categories to support searching the map, and is also complemented by navigation and call initiation as supporting features. 

The application also works when offline, which further enhances successful navigation on the premises of the Centre and the Hospital.

The application can also store different documents like findings, lab test results, etc, which makes it possible to access and monitor patient path in a single place.  As an additional service, we have also developed a blood pressure diary, which is easy to handle and can give a graphical representation of the saved records.

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Last update: 2024. 01. 31. 15:02