Dermatology Clinic - Introduction to Core Functions

The unit provides general outpatient consultation, continuing care based on the referral of the attending doctor, or when a patient arrives at the ambulatory unit, which can be a once only or occasional health service, or continuing specialist care if the patient has some chronic condition that does not necessitate inpatient care. 

Patients do not need referrals for outpatient care. Some special ambulatory units are referral-only services and one emergency outpatient service is provided by appointment.

  • General outpatient specialist consultations provide physical examinations, sampling, and minimal invasive treatments.
  • Dermatology outpatient consultation is provided in 10 suites on the ground floor of the Dermatology Clinic.  
  • Outpatient consultation is offered on weekdays, according to a predetermined work schedule.

Please obtain the necessary information about clinic times, appointments and the necessity of a referral before arriving at the clinic.  

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