Infectology Clinic - Inpatient care

Within care provided for infectious diseases various specializations are also available at the Institute. These include the county-level and regional hepatology center for patients with infectious liver diseases and vaccination counselling provided on the county level. In 2014 a national HIV sub-center was also established.

In terms of the number of healthcare professionals working at the institute, ours is the second largest such unit providing care for infectious diseases in the country (after Szent László Hospital, South Pest Central Hospital) at level III of progressivity for the residents of Debrecen and those of the county and the surrounding counties. Currently 75 people work in this organizational unit. As of 1st November 2015 our Institute took over the tasks of the Infectology and Pediatric Immunology Clinic at the University of Debrecen in the areas of education, research and healing-preventive care (based on a cooperation agreement). Since 2017 the Institute performs these tasks at the off-site Department of Infectology on the site of the University of Debrecen Kenézy Gyula Teaching Hospital.

Organizational units of the institute

  • Clinical Pharmacology Center
  • Division of Adult Infectology
  • Infection Control Service, including the Central Sterilization Unit

ClinTrial Audit Ltd. operates in the building of the institute under a lease agreement.

Head of the institute, chief physician: Dr. István Várkonyi, PhD.

  • No. of beds: 52
  • active: 40
  • clinical pharmacology: 12

We have single and double rooms equipped with locks, sanitary facilities, and medical gas access.

Location of organizational units

  • Division of Adult Infectology
    • Ocher Sector, 1st floor, phone: +36 52 511 866
    • Provides inpatient care for the patients of all the specialist clinics of the institute in accordance with its regional obligation of health care provision.
  • Clinical Pharmacology Center
    • White Sector, ground level, phone: +36 52 511 777 / extension: 1467
    •  The Clinical Pharmacology Division has been an accredited study site of the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition for phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 and phase 4 studies since 2004. The Clinical Pharmacology Division can be accessed through a separate entrance. We have 12 beds connected to a nurse station, where both the recruitment and the examination of the patients is conducted in adherence with strict study protocols.
    • The center is active in all therapeutic areas and is considered to have a priority role.
    • We conduct early phase studies in a number of areas including pediatrics, infectology, hepatology, allergology, pulmonology and biological therapy, as well as studies related to biosimilars, GMOs, vaccines, food and medical devices.
  •  Infection Control Service
    • White Sector, ground level, phone: +36 52 511 777 / extension: 1927
    • In accordance with professional and legal regulations, it covers all activities concerning inpatient and outpatient care that deal with healthcare related infections, and the prevention, liquidation and investigation of imported and evolved epidemics.
    • Main areas include:
      • hand hygiene, hand sterilization,
      • medical supervision of antiseptics
      • cooperation with cleaning service providers
      • samples in environmental bacteriology, specification of tasks after assessment
      • supervision and management of epidemiological tasks of patients infected by multiresistant agents
    • The primary goal of the service unit is to implement high quality and safer patient care
  • Central Sterilization Unit
    • Grey Sector, 2nd floor, phone: +36 52 511 777 / extension:1415
    • The Central Sterilization Unit provides the sterile materials used at the institute, the preservation of germ-free states, protection of sterile packages from contamination, and materials for the process of sterilization. All the handheld devices, trays, glass and porcelain utensils, equipment, components are received here in accordance with the protocol and using proper protective equipment. This work is executed by healthcare assistants and semi-skilled workers coordinated by scrub nurses.
    • The unit was the first to introduce a device tracking system in the country.
    • We also provide sterilization services for a fee for healthcare business.
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