Introduction - Balneology Division

The Balneology Division is located in the Aquaticum Spa.

In our division there are 4 rheumatology specialist consultations, which also provide spa treatment activities and we also have an infusion room. We use our treatments for preventive purposes, as a medicine therapy or for aftercare and rehabilitation.  

We provide physiotherapy as well.

Our physiotherapists help patients individually or in a physiotherapy group. 

The treatments are available both with social security reimbursement, or for a fee payable in cash.

Treatments are prescribed by our rheumatology specialists after a consultation for which appointments should be booked in advance. Rheumatology specialist consultations require a referral.

We provide the following balneological treatments:

  • medicinal water treatments,
  • preventive massage,
  • physical therapy,
  • musculoskeletal treatments.

Additional fees for balneology treatments supported by NEAK from November 15, 2022.

Head of the Centre: Dr. Mariann Kiséry

Last update: 2024. 04. 08. 09:21