Neurology Clinic - Introduction to Core Functions

Outpatient care provides service as a general neurological ambulatory unit, but also several specialist consultations are offered to patients suffering from neurological conditions. Neurological ambulatory service covers the following areas: headache, dizziness, diseases of spinal origin, stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, movement disorders, Parkinson’s disease, different pain syndromes, and diseases resulting in dementia. If patients need special care, or treatment they are directed to our specialist consultation. Specialist consultations include the following: Cerebrovascular unit providing care for patients after stroke, Epilepsy unit, Neuro-immunological unit providing care for MS patients Neuromuscular unit treating patients suffering from peripheral nerve and muscle diseases, Sleep disorder unit for patients suffering from pathological snoring, and Parkinson’s specialist consultation. Our specialist consultations also offer special examinations such as electroencephalography assessing the electric activity of the brain, electro-neurography – electromyography examining nerve conduction and muscle activity, and ultrasound/Doppler examination of the cervical and cerebral vessels.

Non-urgent patients need an appointment to be seen, and the appointment can be made at the reception by phone +36 52 255 451 or by internal call at extension 54467.

During the consultation the patient’s medical history is taken, patient complaints are recorded as well as medication taken, followed by a general medical examination and special neurological examination, and then, depending on the diseases, further examinations may be requested, or the course of treatment could be decided on.

Last update: 2022. 04. 25. 12:07