Introduction - Dermatology Clinic

1. History

The Dermatology Clinic started operation in 1921 under the name of the Dermatology and Venerology Clinic directed by Professor Ede Neuber. In a nearly 100-year-old building progressive patient care is provided at our highest capacity, and it is available for the regions’ population suffering from skin diseases and burns.

2. Main areas of care, medical specialties

The Clinic performs all tasks related to the field of dermatology, provides both diagnostic and therapeutic care, and also treats patients with burns.

Priority areas: dermatology, allergology, immunology, skin tumors, burns.  

3. Types of medical care and services

The applied medical examination and therapeutic procedures comply with international professional standards:

Procedures financed by social security:

Diagnostic services:

  • allergological, laboratory and provocation tests
  • desensitization protocols
  • early diagnostics of tumors
  • histological sampling and pathological evaluation

Therapeutic care:

  • biological therapy center – psoriasis, urticaria, eczema
  • biological therapy center – melanoma
  • immunotherapy, desensitization in allergic diseases
  • phototherapy (nbUVB phototherapy cabin, local application bath, systematic PUVA treatment)
  • photodynamic therapy (in UV-induced tumor prevention states)
  • surgical treatment of skin tumors (MOHS surgery, gamma camera sentinel for lymph node removal)
  • intensive care for burns
  • lymphatic massage treatment
  • clinical drug studies

Procedures available as paid patient care services:

  • The above mentioned services are available as aesthetic procedures at the Medical Aesthetic Center: laser, Botox, fillers, and minor surgeries
  • For further information: Website

4. Data related to patient care

3,500-4,000 hospitalized patients are treated annually at the Department. Medical examination and therapy are provided for patients with skin diseases by the Dermatological Unit on 15 beds, as well as by the units of Dermatoimmunology (10 beds) and Dermato-oncology (15). The structure of inpatient care is unique in Hungary as besides the dermatology inpatient units there is also a Burns and Dermato-surgical Unit with 29 beds, of which 4 beds are provided for intensive care, 15 beds for burns surgery and 10 beds for reconstructive plastic surgery.

The Department has 15 specialist clinics, where with 248 specialist consultation hours a week outpatient care is provided for 45,000-50,000 people annually.

The Department of Dermatology has a professional staff of 18 specialist doctors, 5 residents and 2 interns.

5. Technology, development projects

Over the course of the past ten years the infrastructure of almost the entire department has been renewed:

  • the intensive care unit provides 2 fluidized beds for patients with severe burns
  • use of the latest biotechnological skin replacement technologies (Alloderm, Surederm, Integra) is an integral part of daily clinical practice
  • a modern operating room and 2 special therapy rooms assist the dermato-surgical treatment of patients with skin diseases, tumors and burns
  • a biological therapy room can provide three-position infusion therapy for patients
  • the wards of our inpatient units have recently been renovated and fitted with sanitary facilities
  • our physiotherapy room is equipped with a new lymphatic massage machine
  • an aesthetic center has been established meeting the requirements of the age
  • outpatient surgeries (same-day surgery) and outpatient therapy have been launched
  • the histological laboratory has been fully renovated, including the acquisition of a new chemical hood, microtom and cryostat. With their use, the diagnosis of skin diseases and skin tumors had improved remarkably
  • the Department considers the improvement of the working conditions of its employees to be a key responsibility, doctors’ offices have been modernized in that spirit and a dual locker system has also been introduced.

Dr. Andrea Szegedi
Director, Professor

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