Introduction - Adult Psychiatry Division

Welcome to the homepage of the Adult Psychiatry Division of the University of Debrecen Kenézy Gyula Teaching Hospital

The department of neurology and psychiatry was established by head physician Zoltán Papp in February 1957. Later, in 1990, psychiatry began its operation as a separate unit on the Bem tér premises, and as of July 1, 1999, our division continued its work as a separate entity on the premises designed specifically for this purpose of the would-be Kenézy Gyula Hospital with 200 hospital beds and a capacity for 58 patients in the daytime sanatorium. From the very beginning, the division’s professional profile included traditional areas of biological psychiatry, psychotherapy and spiritual approaches. As a first step towards an integrated clinical psychiatry, on 1 April, 2015, our division assumed responsibility for providing complete active capacity in the city of Debrecen together with securing on-duty services and emergency care as well as toxicological consultation. In addition to humane professionalism and interdisciplinary approaches, the key principle of our work involves team work as well as responsible trust, with which we work to restore our patients’ health and bio-, psycho-, socio-, and spiritual harmony. At present we provide patient care on 234 beds in 7 wards (active: 95, special rehab: 119, geronto-psychiatry: 20). In addition to our intensive female and male psychiatry wards, our psychosomatic general, innovative, addictology, and rehabilitation as well as geronto-psychiatry units represent the entire spectrum of the profession, providing an excellent basis for high-level university graduate and postgraduate training in our regional patient care and training center. An up-to-date psychiatric approach also requires a pronounced presence of outpatient care, which takes place in the “daytime hospital” that has been in operation at our hospital for 25 years as well as in our specialized psychiatry and psychology outpatient clinics available 681 hours a week, providing care for 25,000 patients every year. We believe in partnership and the idea that psychiatry is the “Science of Life”! It is thus our mission to learn and teach it together, to help and heal together with our healthcare professionals, our physicians, psychologists, our pastors and priests and all our specialists who are members of our therapy group. We do all this with the involvement of our patients’ families, relatives, former patients and civil organizations with a view to reducing our patients’ suffering, facilitating their recovery, and promoting their chances of full reintegration. 

Dr. Ede Frecska    Medical director, associate professor  

Dr. Csaba Móré E.  Head physician in charge of the department

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