Internal Medicine Clinic building D - Introduction to our core services

General Internal Medicine Division

The Department of General Internal Medicine of the Internal Medicine Clinic D Building provides outpatient care at the Kenézy Gyula Campus, at the Outpatient Specialist Center in Bethlen Street, at the Nagyerdei Campus Auguszta site, and in the area of the specialist order building in Debrecen-Józsa.

The comprehensive care covers all basic internal medicine disciplines: internal medicine, cardiology, endocrinology, diabetology, nephrology and, as part of the Gastroenterology Clinic, gastroenterology.

Nationally recognized diabetic pregnancy care, an insulin pump center, and a "diabetic foot" operate within the framework of our diabetes specialist clinic. In addition to the nephrology specialty care, exemplary kidney patient care in close cooperation with the B. Braun company's Kidney Station.

Referral and appointment are required.

Internal Medicine Rehabilitation and Nursing Department - Internal Medicine Rehabilitation Ambulance

The activity of the Internal Medicine Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinic, which is related to the operation of the Internal Medicine Rehabilitation and Nursing Department of the Internal Medicine Clinic, includes the examination of patients presenting with locomotor complaints or those with limited mobility, providing them with medication and medical aids, making appointments for ward admission as necessary, and conducting control examinations.

Referral and appointment are required.

Location: Kenézy Gyula Campus (Bartók Béla str. 2-26) - Central building, ground floor

Opening hours: Tuesday and Wednesday between 10 AM and 12:30 PM.

Appointment: +36 522 511-709

On workdays: between 9 AM and 2 PM, except for the opening hours.

Last update: 2023. 01. 31. 14:14