Introduction - Nagyerdei Campus Pharmacy

The legal predecessor of the Klinika Pharmacy of the Clinical Center at the University of Debrecen started its operation on 1 April 1924 in the building of the South Hungarian Cultural Union (DMKE), in Bocskai tér, Debrecen. Its task was to cater for the medicine and chemical demand of the Clinics, the theoretical institutions, as well as the Miklós Horthy Public Hospital with a daily patient number of 800.

Nowadays, the Pharmacy is operating in a three-story building with a floor area of 1,580 m2 on site I of the center. It was inaugurated in the autumn of 2001 and provides safe, professional, continuous and economical medicine supply for 1,704 patients within the framework of healing and prevention activities and gives information necessary for the application of medicines for the inpatient care units.

In addition to ordering (making), storage, distribution and verification of the medicines made by pharmaceutical companies and the magistral pharmaceutical products, the task of the pharmacy of the institution also includes the acquisition of bandages, medical gases, radioactive preparations, blood products, serobacterial substances, diagnostic agents and raw materials for medicines.

In addition to the basic activities mentioned above, the staff of the pharmacy performs personalized medicine distribution at the Orthopedics Clinic and pharmaceutical consultancy as well. Since May 2017 additional specialist activities of the pharmacy have also included the preparation of the software-assisted cytostatic mixture infusions that play an outstanding role in oncological care. In response to the new regulatory environment of the previous years, the institution now takes part in the acquisition and dispensing of “drugs with a separate budget” for outpatients with hepatitis and hemophilia, together with the logistic processes and administration of the expensive drugs available within the framework of itemized funding. Additionally, the pharmacy plays an outstanding role in the human clinical pharmacological studies as well.

Additionally, participation in the education of pharmacy students in the graduate and postgraduate programs is also the part of daily routine, therefore, many graduate students and specialist pharmacist trainees spend their mandatory hospital-clinical pharmaceutical practice here.

Dr.  Gyula Buchholcz
Head of the institution and chief pharmacist

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