Introduction - Nursing Division

The Nursing Division at the Outpatient Clinic of the Kenézy Hospital has been operating since 1994.

Core services

We provide care at this division for elderly people who do not require hospital care or examination, but due to some reasons providing care for them in their homes is not possible. These patients need assistance in their daily activities. Nursing services aim at the stabilization of the health condition of patients, the restoration of their autonomy and the maintenance of their current status. In this process, nursing activity is exclusive and medical activity is of a supervisory nature. The division serves as a training place for the training of nurses at the elementary, secondary and tertiary level.

The patients are placed in 4 single bed, 3 double bed, one three-bed, 2 four-bed and 9 five-bed rooms with accessible bathroom and toilet. In the lounge, patients can watch television.

Area of service

Hajdú-Bihar County, Debrecen
Basis of operation: National Health Insurance Fund agreement and operation permit from the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service

Number of beds: 66

The unit is headed by the chief nurse and professional work is supervised by the Nursing Director.

Medical tasks are provided by an internal medicine specialist assigned by the Medical Director, 2 hours a day. At the division there are 19 skilled nurses, 7 nursing assistants, 2 physiotherapists (2 hours a day), a medical clerk and 2 unskilled nurses.


First day: 6,000 HUF, additional days: 5,000 HUF/day

Patient care

Patient care is regulated by the regulations of the quality management system together with protocols, standards and guidelines.

Scheduling of patient placement

The patients are admitted by appointment. Requesting an appointment: every working day from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM. Required information: data of the patient, his/her previous discharge reports, data of relatives. At the division we provide the necessary medicines, three meals a day (special diet if necessary), diaper wraps, nursing and care based on the condition of the patient and the protection against immobilization syndrome.
The duration of nursing may vary based on individual needs.

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