Introduction - Neurology Division

The short history of the department   

The department of neurology and psychiatry was established Papp in February 1957 and the first head physician in charge of the department was Dr. Zoltán Pap who played an active role in the reorganization of the City Hospital after World War II. After his retirement, the department was headed by Dr. Ottó Zsadányi from 1974 and after the separation of the Neurology and Psychiatry Departments, by Dr. György Berecz. The independent Neurology Department was moved to its current location in 1990. In 1994, among the first hospitals in Hungary, a digital EEG equipment was acquired followed by a Doppler Ultrasound laboratory and an electrophysiology laboratory. During the years, several specialized clinics have been established which are still operating. The division treats a high patient population. Since 2007 the new name of our unit has been the Neurology Division.

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